About us

We Are Magnus Graphics

We are one of the India’s packaging material manufacturing company based in Muzaffarnagar, Client-oriented, 100% commercial printing company, we never compromise with the quality and guarantee Our client’s satisfaction. We offer packaging solutions with the latest technology to help our customers to meet their requirement at best level of satisfaction. We have received feedback from many clienteles who have appreciated the color and design sense of our graphic designers.


We do a lot more than just printing. We make commitments to our customers; a commitment to service


We have made “High Tech”capital investment, Computers, development combined with customer satisfaction.

Expert Designer

Design holograms with your labels and company's name make a good design and to improve hologram Security


When your business begins to grow and you need a faster, cheaper way to print, it's time to turn to roll labels



Holograms are used in various industries such as automobile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food & beverage, ID cards and books.



Holographic Labels provide identity coupled with security to the different segments of industry in a cost effective manner


Why choose us ?

We have High-Tech servo machines

Nipleter Fb Line 3300 Servo.

Micro Slitter Upto 5mm.

High-end Hot-melt Coating Machines.

Servo Driven Embosing Machines.

Inkjet Numbering Unit For Easy Count.

High End Continous Transferring Machines.

How We Work

Our Process

Plate Making :-

The method of plate development uses a Computer - guided laser to etch the image onto the printing plate Ditect laser engraving is deen doone to produce a plate which is called Digital Plate making.

Labels in india
Labels in india

Plate Mounting

For every color to be printed, a plate is Mounting made and eventually put on a cylinder which is placed in the printing press.


Printing of the image engraved on the plates is been done even by trans ferring a specific amount of ink on substate with the hed P of plate cylinder which required Anilox rolls & Doctor Blades to Control.

Labels in india
Labels in india


The Products are then slitted as per the requirement of the clients it may be in the from of sheets, rolls, clerical labels, set of labels as desired by customer.


Sorting through manual & machine is been done to check accuracy of our products.

Labels in india
Labels in india

Packing, Dispatch & Delivery

Final Product is then packed in cartoons & dispatched through well know transport service desired by our clients. our team follow up with the transport services. Till the time it do not get delivered to our clients Place.